The philosophy of Skill Masters, Inc. centers on professionalism.  With a past  history  of  construction  business,   the  school’s  proprietor is  personally  committed  to  providing a  valuable  service  to  the  construction  industry.  It is his belief that professionally trained people will perform better and contribute positively to the industry’s safety record.  He also believes  it  is  becoming increasingly  difficult  for  construction  businesses  to train new employees  due  to   stringent   insurance  requirements,    safety  regulations,    and   increased competition among companies.

Mississippi Commission on Proprietary School and College Registration #C-647

For “hands on” trained construction equipment operators and

Certification of Experienced Equipment Operators

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6900 Midway Rd

Raymond, MS 39154


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P.O. Box 720700

Byram, MS 39072


Phone: 601-720-0988

Fax: 601-346-0700


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Skill Masters, Inc.Construction Equipment Operation Training